Sunday Services

Red Ink Week 2

Pastor Zach Bennard 5/30/20

Red Ink Week 1

Pastor Zach Bennard 5/24/20

Joy Ride Week 4

Pastor Zach Bennard 5/17/20

Joy Ride

During a time where the world is shaking, joy seems to be lost. As believers, we can have joy in every season and in every circumstance. Joy is rooted in the unchanging nature and character of God. Do you need joy? If so, this series “Joy Ride” is for you! Join us as we talk about joy and the keys to living a life full of the joy of the Lord! 



Holy Week

Easter, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday

Speakers: Pastor Zach Bennard

Stay Engaged

2 week series 

Speakers: Pastor Zach Bennard


5 week series 

Speakers: Pastor Zach and Pastor Matt 



Pastor Matt Boals 5/14/20


Burt Chandler 5/12/20


FCC 4/20/20

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Wednesday Worship

Wednesday Worship

Pastor Randal Butler 5/13/20

Wednesday Worship

Pastor Randal Butler 5/6/20

Wednesday Worship

Pastor Randal Butler 4/29/20


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