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Launch 731

Calling all young adults. This is your place to connect and meet other young adults looking to connect with Jesus on a deeper level.

Fixing the Money Thing

Everyone deals with money, but we don't all deal with it well. It's time to fix the money problems we have by fixing the money thing.

Recommitted Marriage

It's time to recommit to your marriage. Get practical tips on how to take your marriage to the next level.

Prayer Force

Praying is one the most important things a Christian can do but it's also one of the things we complicate the most. Let's learn the in's and out's of prayer.

The Parables of Jesus

In this small group, we will be digging into the parables that Jesus taught. Each parable held so much meaning but do you truly know what Jesus was teaching?

Life Group

Have a desire to connect with others and grow with Jesus too? Try out a life group. They're a great place to connect with others and Jesus.

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