The Cure

Who will the leader be?

Blake Murphy

Why are Community Groups important to you?
I love groups because they made me feel connected to the church, a part of something bigger than me. Groups helped me realize I'm not alone. That others are going thru the same things that I am and that we need each other for support by helping to get thru it easier. I've realized thru groups that we are not condemned by others but accepted as sinners and children of God. The names and faces of people from the groups I have attended continue to grow and build each time I'm on the FCC campus. So if you feel you want more from our church attend a group and sign up and serve others.

When will class meet?

This class will meet on Sunday evenings, off-campus at Blake's man cave. Class will begin on September 8th at 5:00pm. This class will meet for 6 weeks.

What is this class about?

Sometimes when people come to know God, they think they are cured. We read His words through our grid of shame and feel ourselves fall farther and farther behind. So, we just put on a mask and retreat into a charade where we become jaded from hope. Our marriages, churches, families, friendships, our marketplaces, our culture...they all need the cure. But God’s cures rarely come in the form we expect. What if, indeed, God is not who we think He is...and neither are we?