Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles

Who will the leader be?

Cody and Robyn Cantrell

Why are you passionate about this class?
We tried for many years to do things on our own and never achieved true victory, but when we allowed Jesus to come in and take charge of our family – our lives were and continue to be radically changed! We want to help other families feel the true joy of allowing Jesus to take over and take the lead! We don’t have this whole parenting thing figured out, so we are just as excited to come alongside other families in learning how to truly lead our families like Jesus.

When will class meet?

This group will have two identical classes that meet on two different days for your convenience. The first class will meet on Monday evenings at 6:00pm, the second on Saturday mornings at 9:00am. Evening classes will begin on March 4th. Morning classes will begin on March 9th. Both classes will meet for 6 weeks.

What is this class about?

Parenting is a daily challenge filled with failures and victories, but following the example of Jesus provides strength, direction, and grace. This series features compelling stories, encouraging words, and down-to- earth tips in six sessions:

•  To Lead Is To Serve (putting the needs of your family first)
•  The Heart (solving the EGO problem by Exalting God Only)
•  The Head (naming and reaching your family goals)
•  The Hands (coaching your kids toward real success)
•  The Habits (gaining wisdom and stamina by staying close to God)
•  Ready To Lead (turning good intentions into joyful action)