Each weekend, we offer high-energy, age-appropriate programs full of songs, games, and creative teaching. We’re ready with toys, crafts, and lots of great kids just like yours. We provide a fun setting for your children, and we make it easy for you to check them in. You can be sure your kids are in good care. They’ll have a great time, too!

Bible Adventure

3yrs - Kindergarten

Kids from 3 yrs old through Kindergarten are invited to join our Bible Adventure crew every Sunday Morning and Wednesday night. They will have fun singing, dancing, laughing, playing and discovering truth about God's word in a way they can understand.

Konnect Kids 

1st - 3rd

Kids in 1st through 3rd grade are invited to join our Konnect Kids crew every Sunday Morning and Wednesday night. There will be pre-game activites, loud and lively worship, challenging games and small group time lead by some of the best volunteer leaders around.

Studio 45 

4th & 5th

Kids in 4th and 5th grade are invited to join our Studio 45 crew every Sunday Morning and Wednesday night. They'll enjoy some hang out time and be led in teachings and discussions that challenge them and speak to where they are. Kids can expect both high energy fun and thought provoking lessons while having a blast with their peers.

"It's exciting! My favorite part is when we learn bible verses, because we get up and dance."

-Clara, age 5

Our desire at FCC isn't just to babysit kids while parents worship, but rather engage the kids with worship, activities, and lessons they can understand and adopt immediately into their lives. As kids progress through the Children's program, they will be given a firm foundation to their faith, which will be added to year after year as they are given building blocks to grow their faith in Christ and develop a lifestyle that honors God.

"I love how nice my leaders are and that church is never boring!"

-Tate, age 8