Who will the leader be?

Todd Ross


Why are Community Groups important to you?I think for the Conquer series, being in a group is a must. I know from personal experience that I can pray on my own, read my Bible on my own, and worship on my own, but isolation makes overcoming the addiction cycle so much more difficult. Men NEED to meet and be accountable to a group because we tend to be lone wolves, thinking we can do this on our own. We can't. This past spring a group of six or seven guys met every week, kept each other accountable as close to 24/7 as possible, and we saw breakthroughs and God moving in men's lives. A men's group to combat pornography and sex addiction is a tough sell, but I have seen men grow and come closer to God by sharing their pain and struggle ... and realize they have brothers who are facing the very same things they are facing. That is the power of the group.


When will class meet?

This class will meet on Saturday Mornings. Class will begin on September 14th at 7:00am. This class will meet for 10 weeks.

What is this class about?

Conquer is a series for men on overcoming the sexual bondage in our lives. Each week you will learn where sexual bondage originates, how your brain is affected, and proven strategies for success in your life. This series has helped men overcome sexual bondage, become the leaders God has designed them to be, restored marriages, break the chains of addiction, and so much more. This class will help you to regain the purity in your life that God intends for you to have.